Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Grocery strike complaints

Yesterday, at a Halloween potluck at the city, I overheard several employees complaining about the grocery strike. The arguments were on the order of: "My brother-in-law doesn't get health benefits at all. Those grocery workers get $20 and hour plus benefits. What are they complaining about?"

I tried to stay quiet but finally spoke up. Said they were not hearing the whole story, that the unions have in fact made concessions but the groceries were not interested, that they want all or nothing. It isn't only about increasing payments for health care benefits. I noted that the groceries were one of the few remaining businesses where a worker can actually earn a living wage. I wouldn't want them to go the way of the fast food industry.

I also said that I don't get health insurance because I work part time, hourly. That doesn't mean that other employees at the city should not get this coverage. I said "You earned them. They earned them. I wouldn't want them taken away just because I don't get them."

I think a few people might have thought twice. In any case, though, I suspect my demeanor didn't brook much contradiction. I can be fierce.

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