Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


Speaking of domestic. I have had the Discovery channel on, watching Christopher Lowell. Because he is concerned with cost and using space to its fullest, I can relate to much of what he does. And he's a kick to watch, anyway. But now it's one of those chef shows.

And here's my gripe. All these guys make food look THE SAME. Nobody has a clue how to decorate or present other than what is the current trendy gourmet look. The little towers drizzled with sauces, the sauce on the place, dessert on top, the dusting of this or that...always the same, always. They think they are creative and they are not. But it's indicative of all creative fields: I'd say at least 90% of those in any field are followers, learning the latest hip trends and thinking they are somehow original.

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