Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Once bitten...

Twice shy?? Hardly.

Today the shopping continued. I bought a set of dishes, really nice ones. Too nice for everyday and not suitable for the dishwasher, unfortunately. I now need to figure out where to put them. And a vase. That I do have room for. It wasn't the vase I liked best but it was at a good price and the right size. Good enough.

For years I have thought - when I thought at all about it - of dishes and glasses and so on as something that gets replaced when it breaks or wears out. It is new for me to think of getting these things just because I like them. I see glasses I like and my main thought is, where can I put them? What? Get rid of the old ones?? In this way I am kinda too frugal, I think.

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