Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I didn't succeed at installing an operating system. I think the problem lies in my having both my hard drives and my CD-ROM drive connected to a Promise card, not the motherboard. I am going to change connections and try again. The startup disks install CD_R drivers but for some reason they don't find the drive when it is needed.

Last night's workshop went all right. I have described it as being like herding cats through a dog agility course. I think I will look around for "Facilitating for Dummies" before doing another one of these. In the end, I think we got done what needed to be done so we can go on, and that feels good. As well, I just feel good having it over.

Ready to approach that computer later today. Or not! I feel like death warmed over. I think all the standing last night wore on my knees, so it was hard getting comfortable enough to sleep. Then too, my mind was racing with thoughts about what's next.

I am on telephone standby for jury duty. Have to check in again between 11:30 and noon. I am betting I'll be excused then. But if not, I can sleep in the jury room, waiting for whatever.

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