Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Meeting up again. I attended my second Dean Meetup tonight, at a bagel place downtown. The shop opened up just for us, and there were a lot of us. Not enough chairs. I was of a mind that if I did not get a chair I was outta there...but then I landed one. I considered offering it to a woman some years my senior but thought better of it. Let her stand.

Sandy, the guy who works at the Dem headquarters, once again headed up the meeting. He talked too much, again, but managed to move things along fairly quickly in spite of that. I wonder if more young people would show up if the thing weren't headed up by such an annoying guy. To me he is, anyway.

Nevertheless. I wanted to meet others of a similar persuasion. I spoke for a bit to a couple from Santa Maria, then we all got into the letter-writing part of the activity and there wasn't time to chat. I did grab some pix as I could, so I could post them to the meetup website. Unfortunately, I didn't have Paul's digital camera with me, so I will need to get them developed and printed and then will have to scan them. It makes for an excuse to take more shots of the convalescing, highly-irritated and distrustful Stretch...poor baby.

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