Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Saturday afternoon

I have to grab Stretch in a few minutes and take him to the vet. Follow-up appointment plus vaccines. He's looking good, is just as playful and affectionate as ever, and I have him contained in the house. So that's good.

Tonight I am going to a play in Cambria. Paul was going to go with me but was invited to a wedding yesterday afternoon, took off last night for parts 350 miles from here, so he won't be making it. I stopped by Karen's house to see if she might be able to join me but she wasn't there. I'll try her again later, and maybe see if Dorothy is free (very unlikely). The friends I make tend to be workaholics. I really do not understand it.

I would like to cultivate a little vegetable plot in the back yard but I am not up for heavy digging. Someone told me he had tried one of those twisty type tools and it actually worked, but I have been unable to find one in the home improvement stores around here. I have thought seriously of renting an electrical cultivator and digging up the whole back yard. Then, though, it would be good if I had a plan for it!! Soil amendments and so on.

Other thoughts. I am thinking of making note cards as gifts this year. I thought maybe cards featuring family members, sent to family members as gifts. Also cards featuring beautiful scenery, some doctored - "solarized", "posterized", other tricks - and some not. There is much I could be doing right now but am not. Newsletter. Auction stuff. Start new savings account.

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