Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Been slow times on the ol' computer. Much of the time I can't download anything, including web pages. Other times it works fine. I have been trying to eliminate possible causes: ran a virus scan, cleaned up the memory-resident programs, did a defrag, checked the virtual memory.

I wonder why it works fine sometimes and not others. And there is no relation to starting or restarting. Sometimes it works as soon as I start the computer, other times it works later. Restarting can get it going but it can just as often make it worse. There are other errors that pop up from time to time, worst being the total freezes. This seems to happen most often when I try to open windows Explorer, to look at my directory. What might be off with Explorer? Could it be causing troubles with my browsers (both IE & Netscape)?

I wonder if Lynx would work well...hmmmm.

In any case, I often can't even look at friends' comments in livejournal. I'm woefully out of touch that way. I do so sometimes at work but that opportunity is limited, of course.

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