Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Let's see...Thursday I did no. 50 as planned, Friday no. 51. Saturday I was on the road to Las Vegas, Sunday I did a video with my daughter and grandson, quite a scene. Joey grabbed weights and the dowel and whatever else looked right, couldn't quite focus on the video. Mary conked out after 20 minutes. I think she works too hard. I mean as a waitress.

I did no. 53 Monday, missed Tuesday and Wednesday, 54 on Thursday, missed Friday, Kathy Smith's Functionally Fit on Saturday, 2/3 of a video on Sunday...does that count? I think it does, because I had to work so hard for it! I think if I were watching Joey every day I could do these and he would eventually either join me or ignore me and either way he'd get used to it. Yesterday I drove home, so today...I did no. 55. It's amazing how easy it is to fall out of a habit. I seriously thought of skipping today because I am so tired.

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