Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Faking it - a different kind of makeover show

I love this show. I watch the BBC America version (there is already a copy on TLC). There is something wonderful about taking the "raw" person, adding all these helpful, friendly experts, and one month later - wham! - totally different person! I have seen the transformations into bouncer, used car salesman (a clergyman, yet), hairdresser (!), country-into-society, house painter into "artist". Every time there are transformations that go deeper, and the person mentions the increase in self-confidence. Most of them don't want to become the person they faked being, but they are nonetheless renewed.

I also like the way the experts work with them, how they take it from different angles, bring the person into many dry-run situations, even bring in reviewers where necessary, and how they do all this with such kindness. I think anyone who has the opportunity to do this thing will gain from it, and how nice that is.

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