Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the old drive

I managed to get the newer drive recognized as a secondary drive, and I replugged the CD ROM drive and it was recognized at Boot, but is not recognized now. I am thinking the drivers are not smart enough to recognize that the drive is now connected to the promise card - maybe...so later i will try to reinstall the drivers.

Right now, though, defrag. It is going very slowly but it is going. I hope this helps with the running of the system. Earlier, I tried to download virus updates and the download got to 79%, then stalled. I tried again, and while it was downloading my cable company popped up, said it wanted to update, so I stopped the virus update, started the cable update, and that one stalled too. I have run the disk cleanup twice, do see a few places where I can get rid of files still, and this too should help. Finally, I may be able to download some system tools on my lap top to a floppy, and use them on the desktop machine. I ran msconfig, cleaned out the startup programs, which at least seems to have helped with some of the sluggishness, but not enough.

Again, I am so glad I have this laptop. It keeps me connected through the tough times, when otherwise I would feel woefully alone.

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