Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

The Monday

Third full day in Las Vegas. The time is passing quickly. Yesterday Elaine and I made it to the gym and I did a half hour on the treadmill and fifteen minutes on a bike, with no ill aftereffects. That's encouraging. Maybe if I am careful this way, don't try for steep climbs and too much weight on my knees I can still get a decent workout.

Bacall is still missing. She apparently got out when the maintenance people were here to fix the air conditioner. The apartment complex is quiet and there don't seem to be speeding cars in the parking areas, and Elaine's apartment is near the rear, next to a quiet single fam neighborhood. So there is a chance she didn't get hit by a car. I keep hoping that's the case, that she got confused, found some place else, maybe with someone else. I don't know how capable she is out in the city streets.

Bogart, I think, has mellowed, as much as this satanic cat is about to. His tail twitches frequently, his eyes are wide open as he considers his options. He is soft and snugglable but still bites out of the blue. It seems like it is not as often as when he first got here, to his new home.

Perhaps it can all be traced back to his being named "Billy", after "Billy Madison". I think that would piss me off, too. But now that his name is changed he's looking at the world a little bit differently.

Yesterday Elaine and I shopped at Trader Joe's, which is just around the corner from her place. We managed to fill in some gaps in her food cupboard, but there are still some basics missing. Today I am going to make a cake for Joey's birthday. I don't know what has come over me that I feel the confidence to create something to feed twenty people or so, but I do, I do. I am thinking I might go to Mary's place - Joe and Joey are there - and make it there, with Joey's help. I need to stop for ingredients, though.

Last night we had dinner here at Elaine's place, the four of us. It was essentially a meal from packages, but the packages were good. Elaine cooked tiny artichokes, did well with that, and we followed with a pasta mix from the freezer, salad with bottled dressings, but what dressings, and what lettuce, pita breads (from The Mad Greek) with delish hummus. so there was a lot of variety there, along with the cheap wine from TJ's, and it all tasted good and we had a good time. I think we could easily have spent fifty dollars or more at a restaurant for a similar meal, and would have not been so relaxed.

Not that I have anything against restaurants. There are times it is just the ticket, to go out and let others take care of us.

elaine's place is coming together. She figures about one good evening figuring out where to put small stuff, and then a small infusion of money to use for new curtains and things like that, and it will be "done". Elaine has a way with putting together rooms, does it very nicely. She managed to fit her computer desk into the dining area and still there is room for the table and chairs, so that's a big plus.

elaine's bathtub is large enough to launch a ship in. What a treat. It is one of the reasons she moved here. I got to thinking about it, how very little extra space is needed, and how the tub itself would not cost that much more than a typical one, so it is clearly a good investment for the property owners.

Time to get showered and dressed. I could get used to lounging around all day.

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