Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I still haven't seen Mary. She is working both at the diner and at the casino, back-to-back. Joey is going to the day care center at the casino, and so far so good in that area. He likes it.

Elaine and I hung around this morning, then went out to the different animal shelters to post information about her missing cat, Bacall. It takes quite a while to get from one to the other, of course. We then stopped for a cool drink and to pick up some birthday gifts for the Joeboy. Back at her apartment, I proceeded to install Windows 98 on my laptop computer from an upgrade CD that I had left here. It worked. I then thought maybe the laptop would recognize the wireless network card...but it didn't. This is a little mystifying. I may go to tech forums to ask about this.

Tonight, a play. Something called "Savage", as I recall, at a theater called Cockroach Theater. I felt the name was worthy of a look. Elaine is conked out on the couch, so I'll have to wake her, probably.

Elaine has a nice new computer with a large monitor, lots of memory, fast processor, and fast cable access. IT's quite the change from what I deal with at home, and even faster, I think, than the T1 connection at work. So I'm enjoying that now.

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