Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

so sad

Elaine just called. Her fish, Othello, died, because she neglected to install his filter after moving the tank to her new apartment. She could have done it last night but was really tired and thought she could do it today. She is full of guilt and sadness. There is nothing to do, nothing I can do, except to say how sorry I am, offer my help. It's hard. The fish was very likeable, personable, was a black moor that had grown quite large under her care. I did point out that she did a great job with him up until last night, that he had lots of room to grow that he likely would not have had with another owner. But no way would I tell her it wasn't her fault. We both know it was, and that just makes it harder.

Anyone out there who wants to say "It was just a fish. Get over it," can keep quiet.

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