Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

If it isn't one thing

It's Windows.

I was having troubles with getting anything to load in either browser this morning, after having successfully finished one of my online classes, closed IE, then reopened it. There was nothing amiss with the cable connection. Everything seemed to be loading but nothing was there. IE has been troublesome of late, so when I inadvertently tried to use it to open a web location from FILE -> open, it stalled. Nothing's for it when this happens, which has been happening of late, so I finally had to restart the computer.

I got the message that I had not shut it down correctly, and scandisk started to run, but I bypassed it. I think, right now, maybe I should never bypass it. I later tried to defrag, was unable to do so because "there are errors on drive C:". So I had to go run scandisk after all, and, horror of horrors, scandisk said C:\Windows was screwed up, unusable, needed to be fixed, and the fix is to rename it...

Well, I knew the consequences, or likely consequences, of renaming windows. So I inserted a disk to make an undo disk, which scandisk attempted to make three times, each time giving me an error message that C:\windows needed to be fixed...which I knew...finally I skipped the repair, went to the C: prompt, typed win, got back to windows. IMmediately I opened Qrecovery and restored yesterday's configurations, restarted, and here I am again, none the worse, it seems, for wear. At least it wasn't fatal. It's just an indication that all is not well here in judycomputerland.

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