Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Periodically, a group of physically and mentally disabled adults comes to city hall to do some work for the recreation division. Mainly, they fold printed flyers, label them and staple them. A small group of them comes in with a leader, or two leaders if there are more of them. They sit at a large table in the storage area, which also happens to be where my little cubicle sits. I have two dividers so I am not watching the activity, but I do hear them. And they talk! Constant talk about who is doing what and how fast, reminders about folding first, challenges to those who have fallen asleep, and just chatter by the "leaders". Today's chatter was led by a young woman who told about her phone conversations with someone who apparently wanted to date her.

Sometimes I can filter it out but today I was unable to do so. They were here only about 90 minutes altogether, though, so didn't cause me any big concentration problems. I think if I'd been pressed to finish something and had to focus intently I might have had to move to another area in city hall.

Of course I think about programs like this, about who is helped and who is not. It probably saves us a little money, not much, and it gives the group a sense of accomplishment. They are probably paid for it, too. In a way, though, it seems like make-work, and I wonder if any of these disabled adults figure that out. I would think so, really. I suspect that at least some of them can understand far more than they can communicate.

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