Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

no joy

I got the "can't find win.com" message twice this morning. I copied it over and got the computer started, again. I also got a message about a file being missing from mouseware and had the duh idea of going to get this program from the web. I downloaded the updated mouseware and that is indeed helping mouse activity (the mouse was truly going crazy, and in the process it moved my "my documents" files to my task bar...really an annoying situation which I don't figure I'll fix because the computer will be losing win.com anyway soon enough so I'll be back to square one, sort of, again).

At least when I restarted after installing mouseware the system still was able to find win.com.

I have posted the win.com problem to the tech support guy forum. I also posted the mouse problem - it still has a way of stalling for no reason that I can figure. And, just for good measure, I posted my CD drive problem (not able to find those drives - checked plugs, replugged into motherboard...).

If I wanted to be a techie I might be in heaven now. So many opportunities to practice! And I am certain that I will emerge from this whole thing stronger!! Certain of it!! Sure!! On the other hand, the idea of taking this whole mess to a repair shop is getting more and more tempting. To a GOOD shop, that is (I've been to the other kind, which employs people who are worse at this stuff than I am).

At least, at least, I have windows, to a degree, and the mouse works, more or less. I am afraid to get into anything too complicated, though, just yet, to use any big messy programs, like adobe photoshop.

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