Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Busy day today, and it isn't over.

I tend to do quite a bit but I look like a lazy do-nothing in comparison to Karol. Gemini to the core, she is equal to two of anyone else.

We walked, first off. Went up to Runyon Canyon Park, did a short walk there and back. I took a hurried shower, dressed, and we were off to see the lawyer. We got there, Beverly Drive, shortly before our 9:30 appointment.

The lawyer, Sarah, is young, was dressed in a simple pants suit, light brown, was sitting in her office on the phone when we came in. She had apparently just moved there. There were several labeled boxes on the floor. The office is not large, contains her desk with computer, some kind of table or shelves, files, not a lot more. On her desk was a paper coffee cup, from which she drank during our visit.

Sarah's teeth are so white I figured she must have had them "done". She is friendly, helpful, but we are aware that she charges $275 an hour so when she offered to research information about the secretary of state's office online, Karol and I hurriedly said "we can do that.". Which we will.

We had a productive meeting after Frank arrived, left with a plan for trademarking our father's name and signature.

Our next appointment was at 11:00, with a young man who approached us about doing a CD of Lautner work. His company has produced one CD on Taliesin West for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which we previewed last night, and has done many CDs for other architects. We met Tim at Peet's Coffee. A sensible, organized, thoughtful person, I took to him right away. He told us the many arrangements he has made with others, and wanted to know what direction we would like to take. We are going to figure that out - for example, do we want to pay the cost of production and own the results, or do we want to negotiate a percentage of sales, will we provide access to our archive at no cost to him, or what. So we need to decide these things.

Our bookkeeper showed up at Peet's at noon, with daughter Chloe, age 2. We had a short conversation with her, got what we needed.

On our way back to the car I wanted lunch, particularly because I had seen a vegetarian restaurant right there. We had a tortilla soup and bread at this restaurant and I took away with me a tofu cheesecake slice with raspberry sauce. Organic, vegan, my kind of place. Can't help but feel saintly eating there.

To the bank. We wanted to add me to the signatories for the foundation, so I could sign checks for printing and mailing. This turns out to be more complicated than it seemed. Maybe we'll have it done in a couple of months…

This bank thing took a while because the guy in charge of business accounts was at lunch, took his time getting back, and then he had to deal with computer issues before he could get to out account.

Karol had the bright idea that maybe she could find Chris's office from his description: "We can see your dad's original home from there". That didn't quite work out,but we wandered up the hill, passed the house itself, went on down Franklin, stopped at Mayfair market,which has lovely gourmet kinds of things, bought a few things,went back to the motel.

I had to rest then, and I did. Then the phone calls came in,both to Karol's and my cell phones. I talked to Mary, who got a cocktail waitress job today, and to Elaine, who has ideas about getting me a new laptop.

My back hurts, has since Monday night. I figured out what the problem was, most likely.THe ochos in the practica. Not so much the pivots, below,but the twisting of my waist. I suppose one can develop the right muscles for this kind of thing.

It's been good, being here. Not just because we've gotten a lot settled and started, but because I always enjoy being with Karol.

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