Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

A slow day here in the nest. Finished a draft report, packaged it together with numerous well-marked attachments, gave it to Carolyn. Discussed finding a new title for me. Suggested "Planning Specialist". Carolyn says why not, suggests "Empress", says she'll find out if there is any reason I can't have a new name.

Had cake, twice.

Had my free latte at Starbucks in Vons.

Looked in on Wells Fargo, wanting to talk about opening an account for Conscience sites, but as usual there was a line and the desks were full as well. That Grover Beach WF is hopeless that way. I will stop at the Vons bank on the way home, ask the questions.

Yesterday I saw Jill, discussed recent thoughts at a rapidfire rate, told her of our business, my computer, bunches of other things, left there not quite knowing what to do with it all, as usual. Yet in the end I am the one who figures out what to do with what I know. And again, she's the one who is paid to listen, and I need someone who will listen.

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