Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


It isn't my eyes or my legs, anyway. I'm just restless tonight. Stretch has been snuggling with me and somehow in my half-dream-state I mixed him up with some forms I have been creating and some PHP programs I have been using, and I have been thinking a lot about writing these programs myself, and somehow Stretch was involved in that. I can never explain these dreams properly.

Apparently Elaine is feeling inept lately, too, not getting mail programs to work and so on. When I reach a certain point, going down one path and then another and not solving the problem, I walk away from it for a while. When I come back I am often able to put it to bed. At least not be as irritated by it.

My current issue is with a calendar. Supposed to be so easy one can set it up in ten minutes. But I had trouble right out of the box. I wonder sometimes why these things happen to me so often, if I am alone in this. Somehow I don't see a lot of things the same way most people do, so when they explain how to do a thing I take the instructions apart and can't get there, can't make each step work for me, without a lot more work. Oddly, though, I think it is this condition that makes me a good technical writer. I know where the weaknesses are, I know what the questions are, that ordinary mortals will ask.

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