Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Today's concert

I took in the Cal Poly Choirs and Chamber Orchestra concert this afternoon. There was a respectable crowd, but I feel the place should have been packed. I really think the townspeople here do not know about this treasure, have no idea.

The orchestra began with the overture and fantasy from Romeo and Juliet (Tchaikovsky), which I loved hearing. They did a decent job of it, had my attention and my ear, and I just simply enjoyed it. They brought in a few key players from the SLO symphony as support, which probably helped smooth things out through all these pieces.

They followed with performances by four soloists with the orchestra: french horn, cello, voice, and trombone. These four young people seemed to be so delighted to be there, to be doing this. I could relate. The trombonist was last, and his smile was absolutely ear to ear, so excited, so happy with his performance. The people sitting on my right turned to me to say wasn't he great? He's our son!! And of course I agreed.

The cellist was a young very slim woman with quite a grasp of her instrument. She played a piece by Faure, lovely, made the most of the cello. She wants to go out into the world as a performer and I think she will make it. The French horn player was dressed in black jeans and a fairly casual black shirt, with what looked more like sandals than dress shoes. She was perhaps the least familiar with stage etiquette, and it was cute, really, to see her taking cues, figuring out when to bow, when to leave the stage, how to do it all.

After the intermission the Cal Poly Choirs joined on the risers and sang Beethoven's Mass in C. Fabulous. I ate it up. Good soloists, including a new voice teacher from Cal Poly, who emoted all over the stage. A wonderful concert. In addition to the scheduled pieces, the Cal Poly barbershop quartet serenaded the audience in the lobby before the concert and at intermission. They love to perform and had an enthusiastic audience.

So hot damn, good afternoon. My eyes are not showing any sign of pink eye now, although they are still watering and gluing up a bit. Good weekend that way. And the concert was a nice gift to me for solving script issues on the web. Not difficult issues, I admit, but they needed to be solved.

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