Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I'm not having fun

While sitting in the hearing room tonight, I was bothered by not being able to focus my eyes, by an irritation in both of them. At first I thought my glasses needed cleaning, so I took them off and cleaned them. By the time I realized I was developing an eye infection it was too late to leave the room and head for the restroom. I had a longish item to discuss with the commission, and I needed to be there.

And so I was, two hours later, trying somehow to disguise my eyes, knowing they were not looking good, trying to get through the meeting without rushing it. As soon as I could get out I did, and made it to the restroom. My eyes were red, inflamed, and had lovely pockets of puss in the corners. Seriously attractive. I cleaned up as best I could and got to my car. The trip from Pismo to home seemed to take forever as my vision blurred and my eyes became more and more uncomfortable.

I realized as I neared home that I have very little salt in the house. I wanted to soak a rag in warm salt water and apply it to my eyes. But I didn't want to stop anywhere to buy more. Just too much. So I did get home, whipped up some warm water with salt, managed two small batches, and have applied it several times. I also put drops in there once, knowing it is counterproductive to use eye drops more often than recommended.

I see a visit to a doctor in my future. Very likely early tomorrow morning. I am thinking I'll go in to work, freshly cleaned up, then take off for the nearest clinic just before it opens at nine. Get some antibiotic drops or whatever they are prescribing these days.

I used to get these infections fairly often. I don't know why. It has been years, though, so I didn't pick up on the symptoms very quickly.

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