Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

post office

I went to the Shell Beach post office to mail a package today. This post office is tiny, is open about half a day (I'm not sure if it's open every week day), and employs one person. I can usually get to the window right away or just behind one other person. Lots of reasons to like it.

I got the package sent and chose some terrific new stamps - bats! -when the clerk asked me if I sing in the master chorale. I am wearing my Cuesta Master Chorale shirt today. I said yes, and she said she went to last week's concert and loved it. She said she often ushers at the PAC.

This shirt has started a lot of similar conversations. I wonder if the board would be interested in selling these to members and to the public. Or some other shirt, although I do like this one a lot, denim, durable, works as a jacket in slightly cool weather like today's. One enterprising chorale member arranged for the sale of logo shirts many years ago, which is when I bought this one, but that was a one-time thing.

which reminds me of the several thoughts I have about advertising our concerts. I need to retain them in my head until I get home and can add them to my list. Or else I'll send myself an email.

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