Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

almost on the road again

Gonna leave in a few...I have to sort through and pack up my stuff, maybe go to the car wash...or not...One of my windshield wipers came off, so I might want to replace that.

elaine and I had breakfast together this morning. Most of my time this trip was spent with Mary, which was fun, but I missed seeing much of Elaine alone. It seems like it was worth the trip. The show at MGM, dinner last night at a cool Caribbean restaurant, lunch in the park yesterday, hanging out at Fremont St last night, all with family.

I also finished and sent in a staff report and discussed a possible new web site with a nonprofit. And Mary and I turned in a loan application for a house that she and Elaine might be able to buy (who knows? and if they qualify she may not want to go through with it anyway).

The weather has been hot but manageable. We've driven Mary's car just about everywhere, but did help Elaine a little to get hers on the road again.

Elaine is going to take over the web site for the Nevada Women's Lobby, and she's excited. So we have more than enough, in my opinion, to be working on right now. And to think about on my way home.

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