Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Sunday night we did get to La Femme. It's not your everyday Vegas showgirl show, yet it's decidedly erotic. I was both amazed and disturbed by it, and have thought a lot about it since then.

The dancers are all from France, according to the info I read online, from an unusual club there. They all look to be the same height and almost exactly the same shape. All dancer shapes, and I'd swear no boob jobs unless some were perked up a tad. They are shaved and wear what Elaine called a rug - a patch of fur. I thought it was a kind of clothing, a cover for private parts, but Elaine says they don't need to cover them for this type show. In any case, the women seemed interchangable except for the hair on their heads and their faces.

It was easy to see the reason for the uniformity but it's also disturbing.

The dances are amazing, incredible. Really indescribable. The photos in their own brochure do not do them justice. Some were mesmerizing. The show uses light as clothing. Many different patterns projected onto their bare skin. Otherwise they were thongs, sometimes a strap here and there, boots or shoes, always high heeled, sometimes stockings and sometimes gloves, depending on the theme of the piece. And those small perky boobs.

The women held a posture that involved an extreme arch in their lower back, pushing their butts out, when they marched or did many of the standing routines. They did several solos, each in a different mood.

Bodies so perfect they must feed fantasies. Something one can appreciate yet still feel a little uncomfortable about. Yes, it can be done, such women can be found. I thought, during the show, was this what their mothers had in mind when little Audrey and Lisa were heading off to dance class day after day?

I like nudes - in photographs, paintings, I like the female form in all its versions. This show was a monument to the nude body, yet it was, after all, a monument to one specific form. Some of the dances melded the forms together into something entirely different, and I was very taken by that. Others, more erotically charged, like the one done to the "chain gang" song, the lone woman, long curly hair, behind bars, making a kind of love to the bars, accentuated by her expression, an expression of desperation. Here is where the individuals stood out. I remember this one woman, and I remember the one on the lips-shaped couch, laughing, teasing, about her champagne tastes. Was it the woman, though, or the song?

That show will stay with me longer than others have, no doubt.

Yesterday was a day of running around and laying around. Mary and I were both tired, Joey was very active. We found a new Sega Genesis machine at a thrift shop for $12, bought some games (used), and had good times with that. Mary is becoming addicted already, Joey not too far behind. I am not so good at it, but did get a little better.

Elaine took off for the airport early evening, going to Reno, will be back later tonight. I don't get to see much of her. It's nice having a day I can sleep in, but I have to wrap up a staff report some time today, send it in. Not yet, though. Not yet.

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