Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

One plus side to last night's concert was that I had friends there. I wasn't able to have Elaine or Karen but Pat and Art and Paul were there for sure. I did not find Carolyn afterwards so I am not sure what happened there.

The four of us went out after, to Denny's. Almost every eating place shuts down after nine or ten, so Denny's was one of two I know where we could go. We all had dessert-like things. I so rarely do anything like that, although I have often had dinner after a concert (not able to eat before, at times).

We had a good conversation, I thought, and it was great to see Pat and Art and to know they were there for me. I have seen Pat in many plays, love to see her, and it is wonderful that she can sometimes see me in my field of performance, even though I don't stand out like she does. I am also pleased that Paul came. Friendship takes work, showing up when you say you will.

I used to love playing the piano in front of an audience. That performing bug and the musical bug will always be part of me. I am lucky to have such an outlet, where I can be part of a musical performance without having the intense pressure of being a soloist. Not that I haven't wanted to develop my voice well enough to do a little solo in a small group performance some time. Sometimes small ambitions are enough.

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