Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Elaine did not make it and K was sick, so I had extra tickets to the concert. Paul was able to offer two of the three to some students who looked like they wouldn't mind saving the money, so I'm delighted. I hate to see tickets go to waste. That made me think of a program we could launch, that I remember other groups having. We could make arrangements to provide tickets to music students and others who might not otherwise be able to scratch up enough to go to our concerts but who would like to go. People could donate, pay for these tickets, and offer them to schools and other groups.

I thought of several things we could be doing, to increase public awareness of the chorale, that we have not done lately. I have wanted to do a video on the chorale for some time, for one. Tape rehearsals, interviews with Tom, Susan, members, others, Focus perhaps on one or two sections of a piece and show how it comes together, ending in a performance. The video could be shown on public access television.

It is true that the audience for choral music is not as great as for some other kinds, but when people have known about our concerts they have packed the hall. It does not matter that the performances are not perfect. The music is live, the interpretations are excellent, the orchestra always does a good job, especially considering they tend to have about a week to prepare. And I do believe our love of the music comes through. More than that, I hope.

Last night's performance was one of the most grueling for me. Learning the notes was not the hard part; singing correctly, paying attention to every note, was. It was exhausting but gratifying. I think that I personally sang better than I have before, that I am gradually gaining in ability. Tom, super musician that he is, demanded a lot of us. I know he wanted more yet than we ultimately gave him, but he was nevertheless warmly congratulatory at the end.

I had never sung "in the French style" before, so this was new to me. Tom told us Poulenc did not like Faure's requiem, because he thought it too much like Brahms, too emotional, not "French". But there are clear differences between Faure and Brahms, how they are performed. The rhythm is constant, no rubato, the lines are to be sung distinctly yet connected, flowing. I felt it had elements of the Baroque style as well as the classic, not typically romantic music.

I will no doubt be hearing sections of Vivaldi and Faure for days now, in my head. I always want to perform it again.

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