Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

walking in the desert

No similarities to Lawrence of Arabia, no caftans blowing in the hot desert wind. Today's hike was in Morongo Canyon, a long trail that parallels a creek, not always apparent, but rich with vegetation and birds. I heard many birds, saw a few, recognized none. I met nobody on the trail who did not have binoculars. Although it is a fabulous trail even without the birds, I do feel I missed something. I am going to look into buying some used small binoculars when I get home.

The wildflowers were abundant, and so were the bees. I could hear the swarms in spots, but was never actually bothered by any. Water, wildflowers, tall craggy mountains that look like they have been there forever, the calls of unknown birds, the skittering of lizards, squirrels, jackrabbits. And no poison oak. I was entranced. I have to come back there next trip, better prepared.

It did take a little out of me. My left knee was bitching from the start but did not seem to get any worse until near the end. I wonder if this is because I subject it to about the same amount of stress each time, so it starts to hurt more at about the same place, or because it knows I am nearing the end of the trail so it's safe to complain. when I got back I felt tired, rested some, ate lunch, took a nice bath in the deep tub. I am starting to feel rejuvenated.

The wind is, too. It's really blowing out there now. I'd like to trek over to the Beat Hotel soon, may call Dorothy and suggest we call Steve and see what we can arrange.

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