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We had a wonderful dinner last night, just the three of us. Steve said there is a restaurant in Santa Fe that serves what they call "a square meal", that is beans and rice and corn bread, and it is his favorite meal, so we just happened to do the right thing. Both Steve and Dorothy loved the black japonica rice (sometimes I think I am some kind of evangelist for this stuff; ever since Paul brought a bag home I have been finding ways to introduce it to others). The corn bread worked well, and Dorothy's salad was perfect. Then we finally brought out very soft Godiva and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and of course had to eat it all, along with chocolate chip cookies Dorothy had made.

We had a nonstop conversation, most of which was Steve's adventures in his life. Some so funny I wish I had had a tape recorder. He is a great story teller, and these things actually happened to him and continue to happen to him. He said he woke up the other night thinking he should write some of this down, and he said to us it would be like Proust, go on forever. He's a good writer, which is how he met Burroughs in the first place. I hope he does this.

I felt we are really welcome here. Steve wanted us to stay longer if we could, but we can't. I think we need to arrange these trips so there are a few extra days we can take if it feels right. It isn't nearly long enough this time.

I am going on a hike this morning, in Morongo Canyon. It sounds wonderful, lots of birds, three miles, manageable. Later, don't know. Steve gave us passes to the spa in town, so we can go soak when we want, which I think we will do.

Although I ate too much yesterday, I still feel good. The wind blew so much last night I thought it would rain, but it didn't. We only hear the wind through the trees - not the motel, which is built like an amazing fortress, bringing the light and nature in, yet keeping out sand and wind. No rattling, nothing.

I only wish we had thought to spend more time here.

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