Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

On the other hand...

Elaine called me a little while ago, crying. Her car had been broken into again.
Third time for this car, fourth time altogether. Both front windows were smashed, glass all over the seats all through the car. Her speakers were stolen and some CD copies she'd made. The CD player was not taken, too hard to get out.

She said when she calls the police they just want her to come in and file a report. They don't come to the scene, don't do anything, apparently. Still, I thought she should file the report, take pictures to bring along. I hope she does this. I regret that I did not file one when my camcorder and CDs were stolen a few years ago, from my house.

It occurs to me now that another thing she might do is make up posters to tape all around there, asking if anyone knows who did it.

Nice Easter for her.

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