Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Thursday already.

Dorothy and I got together, she gave me her pix to scan - several will do very nicely for postcards and also for the website, once I get that working again. That domain name was transferred to the wrong place and is not yet corrected.

In the meantime I am trying to get used to these different hosts. Better, certainly, in the response department. Not so very great in the info department. There are some basic things that I did not understand, that are not in the FAQs. I have had to write emails to get this info, which seems wasteful of their time. Maybe not many people need to know these things, or maybe there aren't many like me, who say "let's try this" before we fully know everything about it.

Unfortunately, I have had a few glitches in my path. Times I could not get into my control panel.

One of the consequences of these domain names wandering around is that my email to judithlautner.net is - I have no idea. I am not getting it and it is not being forwarded and it is also not bouncing. So people can be sending me things and they will not know I am not getting them.

I hope to fix this situation soon, after the domain name gets transferred.

Today, tooth appointment. I think all looks good. Stitches should come out and I should just be going about my business, letting bone grow. Then tonight, dance.

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