Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I made two payments online this morning. Credit card and cell phone. For once, I got to my bill fairly easy on the cingular web site (it often screws up) but I got the usual mess-up at the credit card company. It never remembers my user name or password, so I always have to start over. Every damned time. I am hoping, for once, it will stick for the next time. I wish I could charge for the time I waste on this kind of thing, on programs that do not run properly. But of course I could always mail it in!

I feel relief, anyway, at being done with those.

I keep thinking of creating a web site named something like weproviderottenservice.com, and listing all the companies I have dealt with that provide rotten service. Seems a wee bit mean-spirited. Does this mean my karma would go through a rough time? Might it mean that by giving in to such urges I am keeping alive the anger in me, feeding it? Or the opposite? It could be a release for the anger.

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