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Another one from Morford. I couldn't agree more...

== My Mom Can Blow The Living Crap Out Of Your Mom ==
David Klemisch's day begins at 7 a.m., when he gets his two older
youngsters up and dressed for school and prepares breakfast. "I've got
it down to a science," said Klemisch, who allots 15 minutes for
dressing each of his three children: 18-month-old Nathan, 5-year-old
Sara and 7-year-old Collin. But this stay-at-home father now finds
routine is sometimes far from routine as he struggles with laundry,
meals, and the schedule of his active children while his wife, Kris, a
Navy lieutenant commander is aboard a ship at war half a globe away.
Klemisch takes turns with neighbors driving the youngsters to school.
After school, there is homework and baseball for Collin and T-ball for
Sara. Isn't that wacky and ironic and sweet? It's dad playing mom while
mom's away blowing the living crap out of Iraq! Get it? It's reversed!
The man stays at home and watches the kids while the wife fights evil!
It's all cute and sad and stuff. It's an actual story on the AP, one of
those pointless weakly sentimental tales of how military families cope
with war. Dad can we have mac and cheese for dinner again? Can I watch
cartoons until bedtime? When will mom be back from launching $500
million in horrifically lethal ordnance on a piss-poor nation in the
name of oil and US corporate interests and expanding our power base in
the Middle East? Will she make my soccer game? Dad?

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