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sweating it

Last night I slept almost not at all, or it seemed that way to me. I kept looking at the clock, trying to turn off my thoughts. I am dwelling on two things in particular that I must resolve before I find peace.

The first is my computer. It is slowing badly after it's been on a few hours. When I turn it off and on again it cleans up and is okay for a while, but then it starts to slow. Sounds like a memory issue to me, but I can't make sense of it. I posted the question to the folks at PC Mechanic, and expect I'll get some suggestions soon.

The second is the lack of support from the web hosts I have paid good money to. I need to get the beat hotel stuff up and I can't and it is making me next to crazy. I am very tempted to go for yet another host and get the thing up one way or another. I need faster service than I am getting. I had good hopes for the new guys but they have not responded in two days. Not a good sign.

I have to figure out a way through this one quickly. Perhaps I will call the new web hosts and ask for special consideration, tell them the situation. They advertise on their web site that they can get things going quickly if needed.

I really hate not knowing the answers. This is so much worse than knowing the answer and just needing to take the steps. It helps when I make some sort of plan that can get me there, which is what I've done here, and taken the first step toward getting answers. But even so my stomach is in knots. Knots, I tell you.


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Mar. 22nd, 2003 05:11 pm (UTC)
I hope it all gets sorted soon.
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