Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

seems like Sunday morning

And it is.

I got the new hard drive in its rightful place as master drive. But in the process I managed to kill a slave drive. I think it's a minor error, and I will likely fix it the next time I have the computer off. There is little on that drive that I usually have any need for, so not a big deal.

More irritating is that when I tried to play Law & Order, the computer was not able to read the new CD-ROM drive, which had the required data disk in it. That drive has been working fine, has copied CDs, is playing music right now, so it was probably a minor thing too. Still, minor things add up, in me, to a feeling that I can't quite get it right. But I will, I will. IT is a matter of walking away from it and coming back fresh later.

When I get all things working as well as I am able I might start looking into processors...no...not yet...

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