Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

getting caught up in the calendars

Last weekend I spent quite a bit of time getting a calendar online for the chorale,and finally protecting entries with a password. The main time was spent fixing a very small thing in the program that had somehow gone awry in the transmission from the creator, and keeping it fixed. Specifically, adding a carat to the front of one line. It wouldn't stay put. I did succeed, and I also worked on colors, but they are not to my liking yet.

Spurred on by the success, I managed to load another calendar into my own web site, although in this case a line showed up at the end of the program that was meaningless and caused it not to run. But by comparing the chorale and family calendars I was able to find that out and delete it. So now both are up and running and protected in different ways. (Only family members can get to the calendar at all.)

ANyone out there who would like to see what the calendar is like can go to the
chorale calendar to take a look. You won't be able to add entries but you can see what has been added. That page also has a link to the site that created the calendar so you can go pick one up yourself if you like. The software is free, but the password protection costs $5. Setting this thing up is incredibly easy, compared to similar software. In fact, you can just upload it and set permissions and provide a link and it will work (assuming something strange doesn't happen to it as it did to mine - may have had something to do with my using winzip to undo a .tar file).

I am loving both of the calendars, but especially the family one. I love it that family members across the country can add in special days and we all can see them, and can then send cards or do whatever strikes us as appropriate. It's also an easy way for me to keep track of things happening in my own life, no matter what computer I am using.

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