Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

So close...

P bought me a network card and I went to the cable company last night to sign up for cable Internet, so today, late afternoon, I attacked.

I came so close. But it would not make the connection. I was on the phone with tech support twice. They finally concluded, after doing their own testing, and after running me through several things, that there was something wrong. They are sending someone out Monday to test lines wherever they are, outside and inside.

I am trying to figure this. If the cable works for the television, why wouldn't it work for Internet? It is the same fiber-optic cable, right? Maybe I'm missing something? If I'm seeing this right, then there would have to be something up inside the house - unlikely because it is a new cable connected to a new splitter, and the TV comes off the other side - or in the modem itself. Right now I am betting on the modem.

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