Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Obsession. I am watching a program on "BDD": body dysmorphic disorder. It is a subset of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's on the rise. There has to be some reason for these obsessive disorders taking over our society. Being out of control, feeling you can't stop it...It reminds me of how Elaine was when she was younger. Unable to go to school if her hair wasn't right. Looking to me for answers that I didn't have. Unable to trust her own judgment. Unable to recognize that she had the power to see herself differently. There's a hint in there somewhere. The current therapy is a combination of drugs and cognitive behavioral therapy - talk therapy. I have the feeling there is a link connecting all these illnesses, and it is an environmental link. A trained thing. Why these people? What makes them susceptible?

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