Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I met Dorothy at Uptown Espresso this aft. We sat and talked until I had to go to the chorale potluck dinner. Dorothy won't be joining the chorale this semester because of a schedule conflict but we both wanted to be sure we stay connected. So we are tentatively planning to get together for a movie some time in the next ten days.

The food at the potluck was good. Especially the brownies, chewy and with some crunchy butterscotch pieces on top. Woooo. Perfect. After the meal, people registered who hadn't and then board members said a few words and finally introduced our new "executive director". She spoke for a while about marketing and public relations and helping us do what we do better, and starting new things. I'll be meeting with her on Wednesday, will be glad for more thoughts about the web site.

I survived it. I don't look forward to get-together like this. Too many people. I don't feel part of it. I like smaller groups. It was okay, though. I sat next to Marnie, who always acknowledges me, so I felt a little like I belonged there. I listened in on some conversations about Hospice and taking care of elderly parents. Some people my age have a lot more to deal with than I do. I can't imagine having to handle an infirm parent on my own. I was lucky I was one of seven. I know we do what we have to do but I can imagine not doing it all that well.

Tomorrow, Planning Commission meeting. Arrrgh. I've enjoyed not having to be there for the past few months. At least this won't be happening all that often from here on.

My house! I don't know yet what I am going to do with some of the stuff I have unearthed. I may have a yard sale but I don't seem to be very good at these. I waste my time and sell nothing.

Well, I see the Dead Zone is one I have already seen, so I can switch to Monster Garage. They are making a hearse into a car crusher.

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