Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Last night I went to Cambria for the unusual performance at the PPP. Jim sang on stage with three of himself - in the form of projected images on large screens. He sang a variety of songs that he wrote over the past ten years and more. They all had a kind of folky feel, from different lands. Nicely constructed. He and his cohorts used fiddles, guitar, bodhran, flute, other percussion instruments. There was a small crowd, so the singer invited us backstage to look at the workings of his magic show. More equipment than I had imagined, rather startling. It started to make sense, then, how it was done. He told us how it came together, how he found "the man" who knew how to do it, and where he wants to go with it now.

Afterwards, Jim was happy to sit and talk with me for a bit. And gave me a copy of his CD. So now I have the material, just have to figure out how to write this review.

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