Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

two bucks

I am sipping on a glass from a two-dollar bottle of wine. No kidding. The sign at Trader Joe's called it "Two-buck Chuck". It's not bad. But then, I wouldn't really know, as much as I drink. It's a white wine, chardonnay, and I don't usually drink those.

I'm nicely loosened up. Not that I need that for a couple of movies, but it's okay. Friday night and all.

My neighbors were outside today for the first time since Simba was attacked. The brother told me again how he got the dog off Simba. It occurred to me that this was a good time to exchange phone numbers, so we did that. Now, if there is some kind of emergency there will be some hope we can be contacted.

He's going to weedeat my back yard tomorrow, he says. In payment for the computer desk I let him take. You never know about these things. He also offered to add the couch in my driveway to his load when he borrows a truck to go to the dump. Very cool.

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