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busy weekend ahead busy week ahead

Tonight I plan to go to another movie hosted by hopedance, at the library. Actually, two films. One about Bush's win of the presidency. I've forgotten what the other is.

Tomorrow I will work on getting some stuff out of the back bedroom. It could be one of those good times, when I feel relief at lightening up. Some decisions will be hard but others, by now, easy. I was going to go to the Pismo Beach "chart the course" thing but I found out yesterday that I am not needed, so I doubt I'll go. Let that thing run its course without me.

Tomorrow night I'll go to an unusual musical performance in Cambria, and on Sunday will write a review of it, get it in by Monday morning. I've been wracking my brain, wondering if I can come up with someone who might like to go with me, but so far can't think of one. Karen and Dorothy have a way of being booked up 100% of their time. Paul is helping his landlord & landlady (how do you say that without its being awkward?) move to Placerville. Being the hermit that I am, I don't have other friends who do things with me. So I'll likely go alone, which is fine, of course. I can sit at the bar in intermission and talk to whoever else comes in, maybe chat with others at the playhouse.

Next week I meet with the chorale's new PR person. The board hired this person for an alarming sum (so I hear) and she wants to talk web pages, has ideas. So that will be interesting, maybe stimulating. Oh yeah, and chorale opens this semester Monday night. We'll do a little dinner in a church, chat, get friendly. Tuesday I have the item on the Planning Commission meeting.

I don't really like being this much booked up. The good part is most of it is my own choice. And Thursday night is the dance class party, which should be fun, winding the week down.

Lately I've been chattering a lot, like this. I guess it's that kind of time for me.


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