Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I've puttered around today. Vacuumed, washed clothes, did some marketing, dug around in some thrift stores. I've been putting together the things I want to bring to Las Vegas next weekend. I don't know how to get it all in one place, because there is too much to have it inside and I don't want it outside. Right now a bunch of Mary's stuff is in my car. I wanted to get it out and vacuum the car but felt too lazy to do it.

The beasties have stayed with me most of the day today. It seems that Bullet stays out for days at a time, then comes inside and rests for at least a day before he's ready to go out again. There's something primal about that. Stretch is Mr. Personality, very responsive to me, very interested in what I am doing and wanting to be a part of it. If he's inside he's usually very near me.

Karol wrote to say Mike is in a house now, provided by the insurance company. His phone will work on Jan. 16. She said he's doing dialysis three times a week, three hours at a time, and reading voraciously. Says he'll read just about anything. So I dug out several books I thought he'd like and that I can part with and packaged them. Now I need his address.

While I was at the market my left knee suddenly became very painful. Tight, stiff, and feeling like it was pulling to the left, almost twisting. Each step hurt. It eased a bit later, fortunately, but both legs are quite stiff. I think it's time to go for those NSAIDs for a few days, see how it goes.

Things are so quiet here on LJ today.

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