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The rashes are subsiding. The bad one on my arm is leaking only a little bit today, and the one below my knee has stopped leaking altogether. The other small patches have dried up a lot or seem to be headed that way. My face doesn't look quite so much the war zone. Last night, for dance class, I used a tinted moisturizer on there and it helped a lot to make me look almost normal.

The rash broke out last Friday. So this is the eighth day and I am recovering well. It took longer than I'd hoped but the Zanfel really did the trick, and saved me at least a week, probably two, of additional suffering. Even during this last week I was not very itchy. I was able to wash the spots with Zanfel and get relief for many many hours on the more resistant spots. The less resistant simply started to fade away.

It's expensive but absolutely worth it.

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