Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Simba report

The vet called just now. She said Simba's right rear leg is worrying her. He doesn't move it and his foot is cold. They have already sewn together what could be sewn together but the circulation does not seem to be working well. She said there is a chance that he will lose the leg. They are using some kind of hydrotherapy treatment to encourage the blood flow, and they have upped the antibiotics because his leg is smelling bad. Probably just dead tissue, she said, but they are being cautious.

This is costing many hundreds. I asked her if Paxton can pay it off over time. She said that's not their usual procedure but he can ask the office manager. I feel badly for Paxton, yet at the same time I do not feel responsible for the cost - and yet, of course, chances are good Simba would be dead if he hadn't stepped in and taken him to the vet in the first place. Some things for me to think about, anyway. Unfortunately, I am not so flush that I can just step in and say, generously, I'll pay for it. I really wish I were.

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