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I picked up P in Nipomo and headed further south, to Gaviota State Park, this afternoon. The park was closed. But the road to the side of it was open, so we were able to go on the hike I had found in one of my guides. Three miles round trip, about 700 feet up, as I recall.

We both felt the up part. Easy enough to do three miles on the flat. This was a tad more of a challenge. There were slippery parts, and when my cell phone rang while we were still climbing, I sat on a rock that started to slip out from under me. P came to the rescue, I cut the conversation short, and we went on.

Coming down, as usual, a challenge for my knees and legs. P helped me through the tougher parts. I kept feeling my toes sliding into the front of my shoes, which is not a good feeling, especially on top of the blisters and corn. The down is always more of a challenge for me, for my body, although easier to take aerobically.

It's a nice hike, nice views. It overlooks Gaviota state beach, a beautiful spot, and points well beyond, and there are lovely hillsides and sandstone sculptures. We sat in a cave carved out of sandstone, a beautiful piece of rock. We never did find the end of the trail as outlined in the guide. But we had a good hike, long enough, tough enough, beautiful enough, worth the trip. I like going south sometimes, getting outside SLO county in either direction actually.

On the way back, we had soup at Andersen's. Haven't been there in some time. It was just the ticket, we both felt.

Good hike, good company, good day. I am ready for a baking soda bath for my ever-increasing patches of poison oak. It has now gotten to one knee and spread more on my face. I think getting all sweaty isn't the smartest thing for poison oak. I learned that before but it didn't take.

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