Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Some new year

Last night I learned that my brother's house caught fire and he and his family are staying in a motel. It may be a few months before they can move back in. It sounds like the damage is bad but not the worst, and nobody was hurt, not even the lizards. Mike sounds okay with it all, even said it might be a blessing in disguise. (I understand this feeling.)

Today, not long after I got home, my neighbor Lynn knocked on the door. She said a bulldog who lives around the corner had broken through the fence and attacked Simba. He hung on, attacking aggressively, until Lynn's brother, who was on my porch dismantling my computer desk (I had said he could have it), kicked the dog and even picked up a concrete block and hit it on the head with it. The dog still didn't come loose. Finally he tried to hit him again, missed, and the dog took off under my porch. He tried to get Simba again. Someone called the police and animal reg came out. SImba was lying there, and I guess the police thought he was dead.

I have since talked to the neighbor who owns the dog. He was very apologetic. He brought Simba to his vet - against the advice of the police, who said he couldn't do anything with it because it isn't his animal - and is paying for everything.

Turns out his vet is my vet. I just called. They are glad to know it's Simba, and now they have his records, and she told me he's a lucky cat. Extensive muscle damage in his left rear leg, other torn parts, no bones broken. He was in shock when they brought him in and he's on pain meds, not yet stabilized. She said I can come in to visit with him before six tonight, when they close, so that's what I am about to do.

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