Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I flipped through the channels and landed on a special budget meeting of the planning commission and architectural review commission of the city of SLO. The finance director was explaining the fiscal importance of certain uses - housing, motels, retail sales, offices. I recognized his voice and his gestures but didn't recognize his face. I thought he was the same guy who was the finance director years ago but wasn't certain. I looked up the finance department on the city's web page and yes, it is indeed Bill Statler. He's a trip. Very good at explaining things and speaking directly. I remember some years ago he spoke to the planning commission on some project, and that commission, as was its wont, was doubting his conclusions. He said, "Let's just assume, for the sake of this discussion, that I know what I'm talking about." He's very intelligent and knowledgeable. So I have been stuck here listening. And oh my god! It's time for Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Gotta flip.

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