Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

rack times

I went to Mountainaire sports to ask about the fittings for the rack. The good news is that it only takes new clips to make my rack fit. The bad news is that these clips cost $24 per pair, and that the same clips do not fit both the Honda and the Hyundai. So I conferred with Mary and got the clips for the Honda.

I managed to get the clips changed without much trouble but was unable to move the sliding clamps on the bars to fit the car. I can go back to the store and ask for help. That's the good thing about going to one of these specialty local stores. They charge full price but you get the service you need.

My neighbor came out while I was working on the racks and asked about the huge computer desk that has been sitting on my front porch. I said take it if you want it, so he will. Great. I tried to sell it, failed, and now my aim is just to get rid of it. So that will happen. Next will be the old couch in the driveway. Nobody will want that, so I'll need to get a truck on loan and pay to put it in the landfill. Sigh.

Getting rid of stuff always feels good, anyway. I hope Mary is starting to feel a little like this, although her situation is less uplifting. She had newer stuff, nice stuff, and has to get rid of it just because she has no room.

She showed me a list of her goals for 2003. Quite ambitious! I hope she is able to focus on a few of them, make them happen. I offered her a composition book for the journal she wants to start keeping. No way she'll be keeping it online, at least not yet, but I hope eventually she does.

I think about my goals for 2003, such as they are, far less ambitious than Mary's. I think I might want to add, "Liking me as I am" and really meaning it.

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