Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

a gift

One of my coworkers lost her brother in an auto accident several weeks ago. She took time off to arrange the funeral and grieve, and is back at work. This morning I got a Christmas card from her, with a letter enclosed that was her description of how this death changed her perception of what was important. She asked, in the letter, if I had found my way to God. She enclosed a copy of a little book called "It's Who You Know", a tract on "the most important relationship". In her letter she apologized if she offended me but said she would take that chance.

I had to give her credit for putting it out there. I am not religious, do not believe in God, and I usually appreciate when people keep their beliefs to themselves. Yet, being a person who holds other very strong beliefs, I sometimes want to risk a friendship by taking a stand. So I am not offended by her action - it wasn't personal, anyway, I am sure her letter was a mail-merge document.

I was offended when I learned that someone else in the department was praying for me so I wouldn't go to Hell.

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