Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I took part in a minor rescue operation yesterday. While I was looking at some toys on display in the front of Vons, I heard a fluttering sound above. I looked up and saw a hummingbird beating its wings against the high glass. I went to the manager's desk, interrupted a manager on his way to doing something else, told him a hummingbird was trapped in the front of the store. He said he'd get someone on it. Of course he first went to do something else, was dealing with cash at one of the registers.

I grabbed a roll of wrapping paper and tried to urge the bird closer to the doors. I got him to fly in the right direction, but he stayed high, above the doors. As I was working him, a Vons employee came along and took another roll of wrapping paper and we both tried to direct the little thing. Eventually the little guy landed just above the door, in some crevice where I could not see him. The employee suggested we "trap" him with a hand-held basket. I took a basket and turned it upside down and placed it over the area where the bird was hiding. The guy first tried to step on one of these baskets upside down, but it was too weak, then climbed into a regular grocery cart, held by another customer. He reached under and got the little bird in his hands and somehow managed to get out of the cart, holding the bird in both hands. He then took it outside into the middle of the parking lot.

It was good to be a part of that. A nice thing to do on Christmas.

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